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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter Wonderland in Lake Geneva

I haven't blogged since summer...yikes! Before winter is over I better throw in some winter pix and highlights of the season. For those of you on facebook these are all repeats, but I wanted to blog them for posterity and for those of you in my family and friends circles that aren't on facebook.

Yesterday marked two years since I moved to Lake Geneva. Seems crazy to consider that. In some ways it seems like yesterday and in other ways it feels like I've lived here forever. It's delightful to be here in this beautiful part of God's creation living life with my family and being a part of camping ministry again.

So first here's several pix of a gorgeous day at camp...all taken from right outside my office. Yes, I have a gorgeous view all year round! And what a fabulous setting for God to meet campers and guests of all ages! This weekend is the 5th of our winter retreats. Starting tomorrow afternoon when our winter camps are done, I am ready for spring to arrive. But today I celebrate winter, and I'm alwasy thankful to live where I can enjoy all 4 seasons!

This next batch of pix were taken this afternoon while the older 5 nieces and nephews were sledding, snowboarding, skating, and playing outside in my brother's backyard.

This one is Henry in his Adrian Peterson jersey, me in my Vikings attire, and Tim who is also a Vikings fan cheering on our favorite team to victory!
 Me and the 3 Gowan kiddos:
I couldn't talk about winter without including this pix of Emma the basketball star as cheering her on throughout the winter has been great fun! Also lots of concerts/programs for all the kids that I love going to!
This next batch is from various DeVries family Christmas events. The first 2 are of our ladies morning out for coffee and shopping.

The guys playing something while the ladies were out, and who knows what the 8 kids were doing...
The 5 oldest kids opening their Christmas presents from Auntie Jane, mini scrapbooks of our trip to Iowa together over Labor Day weekend. It was so fun to watch their enthusiastic reactions to them!
And the last one is a random photo that was taken at camp of me and another Minnesota Viking co-worker dominating in his defense the coworker that is the Packers fan only posed for this pix cuz we all were trying to win tickets to the Vikings/Packers game. =)

I also love my church family here including my small group friends and coordinating the 3, 4, & 5 year old class. Our exciting news as a church family is that we are proceeding with the purchase of a building for our church!

Well, there's a flavor of winter in Lake Geneva for you...of course there's lots missing, but that gives you some highlights at least.

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